Q: I am a new driver-partner, can I join this rewards program?

A: All driver-partner will be automatically enrolled to GrabAllStars once they hit the minimum requirements (60 completed rides, ≥ 50% acceptance rate, ≤ 10% cancellation rate, ≥ 4.50 driver’s rating) in the past month as a Silver member.

Q: How do I track my GrabAllStars status?

A: You may track your GrabAllStars status by logging into our GrabAllStars portal: GrabAllStars | Drive and get rewarded!

Q: Which Tier Structure am I entitled if I have completed 560 rides in the past month?

A: Factors such as acceptance rate, cancellation rate and driver’s rating are also taken into account to the tiers. You will have to meet all the requirement in each tier to be entitled to be in that tier. Kindly view the tier requirement here.

Q: If I am currently in Platinum Tier and I am away on vacation for 3 weeks, can I still stay in Platinum Tier?

A: Failure in maintaining the tier requirements will result in a downgrade in Reward Tier. In this case, you may have failed to achieve the requirement of 300 rides per month. Hence, you will move down to either Gold Tier or Silver Tier depending on the fulfilment of other requirements. Based on your performance throughout the next month, you may be moved up to Platinum Tier again if you achieve the requirements for Platinum Tier.

Q: Is the Reward Tier awarded lifetime

A: No. Each driver-partner’s tier level in GrabAllStars is revised monthly based on completed rides, acceptance rate, cancellation rate and driver’s rating.

Q: How is the monthly Reward Tier Status communicated to me?

A: You are required to check your tier status through the GrabAllStars driver portal: GrabAllStars | Drive and get rewarded!

Q: How can I further enquire about GrabAllStar Rewards Programme?

A: You may visit here for more information and submit your inquiry there.

Q: Will I receive an SMS notification of what Grabs offer me?

A: No, You may visit GrabAllStars | Drive and get rewarded! for all the Rewards and Benefits offered by this program.

Q: If I am currently in Platinum/Gold Tier and I am suspended for the disciplinary issue for 3 days, will I still remain Platinum/Gold Tier?

A: If you still meet the requirements set for Platinum/Gold Rewards Tier, you will still be tiered under Platinum/Gold Tier.